Windows Data Recovery Software


Windows data recovery software helps to restore formatted corrupted/deleted such as lost documents, emails, photos, etc. This software helps to regain the data, upon a catastrophic loss. This software recover permanently deleted files without losing any information. Windows file recovery tool uses an advanced set of algorithms to restore windows data with exactness and fineness.

  • Restore Formatted and Corrupted Windows Data files
  • Option to restore Permanently and Normally deleted data
  • Supports Recovery from FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Restore all items like Video, Audio, Documents, PPT etc
  • Option to detect attached external storage devices
  • Restore data even if emptied from the recycle bin folder in windows
  • Software is compatible with all Windows version
  • Supports lost data recovery from Windows MBR and GPT partition

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Windows Data Recovery Software – Offers Excellence At Performance

Windows data recovery software is one of a kind solution that has the potential to recover lost images, songs and access any file in one click without damaging its original format, from a corrupt hard drive. Windows data recovery tool is astonishing software to restore windows files as well as recover deleted windows data from corrupt windows partitions.

Features of Windows Data Recovery Software

Recovery of Entire Data

Windows File Recovery Software is capable to recover all type of data like documents, images, music files, excel sheets, records, etc which was deleted, formatted or corrupted from hard disk.

Recover from FAT and NTFS file Systems

Windows data recovery software allows the user to extract the data from NTFS as well as FAT type of partitions. This software works well with all editions of FAT and NTFS file system.

Data Recovery of Selective Folder

Hard drive data recovery tool provides you an option to select desired folders from recovered data to be saved. You can check / un-check folders of data to save them from the preview given of recovered data.

Recover Permanently Deleted Data

Windows data recovery retrieves back the permanently lost documents, videos, photos etc. In case if the user has permanently deleted the data using the shift + delete command then user can use this software to recover the lost data from the browsed partition.

Supports Recovery of External Storage

Internal drives of system as well as external storage media both are supported by this multi-function Windows data recovery tool including; SATA, SCSI, IDE, USB HDD, USB flash drive, memory card, iPod, CD-ROM, DVD discs, etc.

Effective file searching feature

Windows recovery software comes with an intelligent feature that allows users to preview only the desired items. Searching parameters like creation date, last modified date, and search for, are equipped with this Windows File recovery software. This software rapidly filters out all the unwanted items and displays only the desired data on the panel.

Formatted Partition Recovery

In case your drive is formatted and important data is lost you can recover it using "Formatted Partition" option. It allows to recover Windows data of any drive C:/D:/E: etc. This tool helps to Scan the system and detect every partition available for recovery.

Detects Windows Partition Automatically

Windows recovery software is an efficient software which helps to automatically detect all the partition on any machine. This software helps to preview the regained item with all attributes like disk number, model number, partition type, free size and total size.

Sort Restored Items by attributes

After the successful windows data recovery, this software provides the option to sort the restored items by its attributes. This option will be seen if the user has recovered the permanently deleted data. The user can sort items by Name, Size and Data. After applying this feature the user can restore the data in either ascending or descending order.

Windows Data Recovery Software

Size 7.8 MB

Version 7.0

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Note:To export and use the recovered database must go with license version of the software.


Software Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 10 & below versions
  • Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: Around 4 GB of RAM is required
  • Hard Disk: Minimum 100 MB space is required for software installation


Screenshots of Windows File Recovery Software

Live Video of Windows Recovery Software

Recover Corrupt & Permanently Deleted Data

Recover Data From Formatted Disk

Windows Data Recovery Tool to Fix Errors

Reasons of Corruption Error in Hard Drive data

Hard disk file corruption can occur due to mechanical components, software error or even electrical event. Hard disk drive can be corrupted because of various reason mentioned below

  • Software Failure
  • Bad Sector
  • Virus Damage
  • Malfunctioning of Antivirus software
  • Read write Head Tracking issue

Windows File Recovery Software is a well programmed algorithm to combat with all types of Errors and other issues. Some of these errors are mentioned below:

  • Error code 0142 - This error indicates that your PC / laptop has experienced a hard drive failure. The Hard drive failure could be due to CPU failure, crashed OS etc.
  • Error code 2000-0146 – It usually indicates a failing/failed hard drive.
  • Error code 2000-0151 - This error indicated incorrect status of your optical drive.
  • Error code 301 – The error may indicate that your hard drive is failing and needs to be replaced.
  • Error code 3F0- Failure ID indicates that your Hard Drive has Failed & needs to be replaced.  

Safe Solution for Windows File Recovery

Say one of your friends has forgotten to install antivirus application on their Windows Operating System and suddenly one day the machine encountered with virus attack. Now no other option is available than to format the Windows. Formatting of Windows leads to deletion of all crucial data in hard drive along with the virus.

Being stuck in a situation the user had been desperately looking for some disk recovery software to recover deleted data from hard drive. And having a Windows operated system, I suggested Hard Drive Data Recovery software that I have utilized on my own to restore data from hard drive. With the help of this advanced solution data was recovered effortlessly. Easily operational interface developed within deleted data recovery software allow even a non technical user to operate it safely without any data alterations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Windows recovery software?
Here are the main features of Windows file repair tool.
  1. Recover formatted and Corrupted windows data files.
  2. Restore permanently deleted and normalLy deleted data.
  3. Provide option to restore audio, video, document, ppt etc
  4. Restore emptied recycle bin folder in Windows OS.
  5. Recover data from MBR and GPT partition.
Does Windows File Recovery Software is compatible with Windows 8 PC?
Yes, This software is compatible with windows 10 and its below versions.
With the help of Windows repair software can I restore important images?
Yes, This software helps to recover all the items present in the hard drive such as important documents, images, video files etc.
Does this software allows to restore data from MBR (Master Boot Record) Partition?
Yes, Windows File recovery software supports recovery from both MBR and GPT partition.
Does Microsoft Windows recovery tool allows to recover FAT file system data?
Yes, This software allows to recover from both FAT and NTFS file system data.
Do I need to install any other software to use Microsoft Windows recovery tool?
No, There is no need to install any other software to use Windows file recovery software.
Can I my recover permanently deleted data with the help of Windows data recovery tool?
Yes, with the help of Windows Data Recovery software the user can recover permanently deleted data.

Client Reviews of Windows Data Recovery Tool

John, china

Few days back, I had lost all my data. I tried to recover them myself, but I was unable to restore the entire data. Then somebody suggested me to use windows recovery tool. Because of this software I can able recover my important data. Thanks for making this software.

Brayden, Australia

The windows repair software is one of the best software that software that I have ever used to repair my corrupted hard drive files. It does everything that it says. I will highly recommend this software.

Devin, France

The best feature of windows data recovery software is that it helps to recover data from the emptied recycle bin. I completely trust this software for windows data recovery. This software is exceptional in its domain.

Ethan, Germany

I am really thankful to the entire team for making windows file recovery software amazing. I am happy after using this software.I had a great experience.

Steffan, Canada

I was impressed with the performance of Windows recovery software. I would like to say thanks to the support team for providing answer to all my queries. I must say this is a great solution to recover windows data.

Hugo, Italy

Really fantastic application. I must say Windows file recovery software is an impeccable data recovery tool. This application is a great solution to recover windows hard drive data in a satisfied way. I am completely satisfied with the working of this software.